The First Worktop with an Invisible Cooking System by Induction
The surface of TPB tech® is composed of 4 technical layers and with such composition, it offers the following characteristics:
  • Flexibility- TPB tech® is the only ceramic worktop with flexibility in the market due to our technical composition.
  • Resistant to ice and freezing-TPB tech® is unaffected by low temperatures.
  • Hygienic and antibacterial – Easy to clean and does not release harmful substances.
  • Non porous – TPB tech® does not absorb liquid, therefore nothing penetrates the surface. TPB tech ® will last for the life of the product and will never require re-surfacing or to be re-finished on the surface.
  • Light – weighs 26 KG/M2
  • Scratch resistant – This is the most scratch resistant surface on the market, and whilst the split of a knife will not cause damage to TPB tech®, a cutting board is still recommended to protect your household utensils.
  • Impact resistant – TPB tech® is a worktop that integrates cooking technology and is the only system that is approved by the European and American normative of impact on a surface. This is contrary to the standard ceramic worktop which does not contain a technological surface since its resistance to impact is very low and cannot therefore pass the European and American normative of test of impact.
  • Resistant to high temperatures for domestic or industrial use.