Kitchen design made for you. Kitchens made to complement living. Inspiration is key to finding a kitchen design that fits your needs and tastes. Small kitchens with intricate designs or spacious lofty kitchens – here at Kutchenhaus we make sure to find the right kitchen for the people who come to us. No matter how you want to use your kitchen – for cooking, for enjoyment, as a meeting place – our fitted kitchens will give the occasion just the right feeling and ambience.

Make your kitchen the heart of your home and a place you enjoy bringing people. In a world where the kitchen has become a place for people to get together, we ensure that your dream kitchen conveys the exact emotion you want yourself and others to feel. Our kitchens can make you feel the warmth and cosiness associated with a full wood kitchen or give your room the feeling of modern elegance with different high gloss, handleless fronts and minimalistic designs. Be inspired by our designs that combine varied materials and structures to create a kitchen that conveys the mood of a lifestyle that best suits you the owner.

Equipped with just the right accessories and specialized units, our kitchens transform the task of cooking from a chore to a pleasure. Enjoy quality time in an environment inspired by you. Whether it be sweet pastries lovingly baked in your traditional country style kitchen, or hot spicy noodles prepared in a wok on your gas hob. The kitchen we want you to feel at home in should be tailored to your exact life and lifestyle, to make you feel at home.

Combine different kitchen units to make the most use of your available space. Our wide range of different corner units with tables and more, wine racks and the different unit widths ranging from as small as 20cm to as broad as 120cm will transform your kitchen into a smart kitchen suited to your storage needs. Add small little extras like flip sockets for your worktops, table feet to make your dining table fit with the rest of your kitchen space or integrated sound systems for your counter side to finish off the feeling of your personalized kitchen.

Appliances with the latest in technology will aid you in making meal preparation as fast and as effortless as possible. Dedicated cleaning technology breakthroughs also reduce your time spent cleaning the kitchen. In the same vein, our kitchen designs have an ergonomic arrangement of the appliances as their point of focus, so that you can enjoy your new kitchen without any drawbacks and with the utmost of ease.

Taking design ideas both from German quality as well as our showrooms, we strive to fulfil the dream kitchen you are envisioning and rightly deserve.